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Austen Icons

Capital, Lydia, capital!

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Welcome to austen_icons, a community dedicated to icons and graphics related to Jane Austen and the movies based off of her books.

1. When posting more than three icons, please put the rest under a lj-cut.
2. Follow the rules of each user. If they ask for credit, give it.
3. You are allowed to advertise other communities, as long as they are Jane Austen related. Any others will be deleted.
4. You are allowed to post graphics and screencaps that are not icons as long as they are Jane Austen related.
5. You are allowed to post icons of actors/actresses from Jane Austen movies in other roles as well. As long as it's somehow connected to Jane Austen, almost anything goes!

austen_stills - A community for Jane Austen-themed icon challenges.
becoming_icons - A community for posting Becoming Jane icons.
pridenprejudice - A community for all things related to Pride and Prejudice.

If you would like to affiliate with austen_icons, please comment here.

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